Convert your Shopify Theme to Online Store 2.0 within few minitues

Instantly convert your shopify vintage theme into Online Store 2.0 theme with just a few clicks!!!

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Shopify Web Theme Converter Tool

With the help of this tool, one can easily convert the shopify theme into an online store 2.0 in an automated way.

Automated Migration of Shopify Themes to Online Store 2.0

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About Us

Propero is a niche consulting company focussing on robotic process automation and online commerce. We believe in the power of partnerships and ecosystems and leverage Shopify and Robocorp as enablers to provide solutions to the business problems of our customers.

"Accelerate everything" is our mantra. We use the best technologies and platforms to improve the quality of life for all our customers while they achieve their business objectives.

Our products include

  • Animated Image Overlay plugin as a Shopify App
  • Online theme converter for Shopify OS 2.0


This service is provided as a community support and has limitations, this migration is based on the steps mentioned in the document Migrating a theme to Online Store 2.0 Most of template files are converted to .json file except for the index.liquid which remains a liquid file. For a professional support you may reach out to

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